How BCN Works

BCN is intended to be a way to advertise and communicate with the local public. Everything on the site is freely available for the public to see, read, and share. Site items redirect the reader to the posting organization's designated website, if any.

BCN members pay a small fee for one-time, or ongoing access to post advertisements and other information on the site. With one-time membership, posted items will remain visible on the site for at least ten days, unless removed. With ongoing membership, advertisements remain visible unless removed, other items may be removed according to timeliness.

All posts to BCN are formatted as images (pictures such as jpeg format) so that they can be cycled on our main page. One-time members should be prepared for this when enrolling to get the most out of their experience.

Members should post in the appropriate category in order to ensure that their posts are easy to find. If a member has questions, needs help, or finds the need for a new category, they should contact the administrator at

Specialty advertising is also available. These are ads that show up at the top of the BCN page. For additional information on specialty advertising, contact the administrator at

BCN posts are expected to be appropriate and to provide true and helpful information. Appropriate posts do not solicit or engage in illegal activity, are not sexually explicit, do not incite violence, are not designed to be hurtful, or contain profanity or derogatory comments about people groups. Anyone who believes that a post violates these standards should contact BCN at The administrator reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts, to suspend membership and to seek legal recourse.